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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s message to the Russian people

“Я люблю русский народ. Вот почему я должен сказать вам правду. Пожалуйста, смотрите и делитесь.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The video is below but it is being cropped because of the shape.

You can view or download the video directly here >

March 4, 2022No Comments

BBC News dark web TOR mirror

BBC News has added TOR mirror sites with news in both Ukrainian and Russian

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More on Russia

Further to yesterday’s post which I’m told was a bit technical here are three things I have re-shared from Twitter, for the benefit or those blocked from seeing it

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February 28, 2022No Comments

Can Russia block the entire Web?

If enough of us take action we can help to get the truth to where it is desperately needed inside Russia. Flood the web with more content than they can possibly handle.

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