Further to yesterday’s post which I’m told was a bit technical (and yes it could have been much more succinct), here are three things I have re-shared from Twitter for the benefit of those unable to access it due to internet censorship.


Here's a transcript of a Russian soldier's last text messages to his mother that Ukraine's Ambassador to the UN just read out from screenshots at the emergency session of the UN General Assembly

via https://twitter.com/VeraMBergen


Please, do this. Go to Google maps, go to Moscow or St Petersbourgh, pick a restaurant and give a review telling the people in Russia what's happening in Ukraine 🇺🇦

via https://twitter.com/PaulHig55170875

Further to this someone shared a good example review further down the post as an image. The text transcript can be found here:

I have posted this so far to a popular restaurant in St. Petersburg and after making this post will do more. You cannot post anonymously to Google, unless you have a burner account. I am happy to put my name to them.

3. Video from Anonymous posted on 27 February 2022

Video via Twitter Anonymous message to V1adim1r P_tin

Original post https://twitter.com/LatestAnonPress/status/1497786715783798785