Ade Rowbotham

Ade has over 20 years of commercial web design and development experience. He is focused on designing great user experiences but is also a lifelong coder, with a love for perfecting the implementation too.

This naturally led him from creating games with Flash in 1998, to creating award-winning interactive experiences as a senior designer at LBi (formerly ‘Wheel’, now Digitas).

He was Creative Lead at London digital agency Dare then went on to become the Technical Partner at production company Pirata at the cusp of the smartphone revolution.



Ade’s skills encompass a lot – from audio production and video editing to UX, design and animation, and also both front and backend development. But naturally he has had to specialise.

Today he is an experienced Technical Director in both the agency and startup worlds but also still loves to code, often while also overseeing a small team, writing briefs and managing projects.

He has presented countless pitches and consulted with the likes of McLaren, Team GB, BT and the BBC, and is often brought in to help creative agencies when they need technical backing.

Ade is based in Stamford, Lincolnshire but regularly travels for meetings in Cambridgeshire and down in London which is easily accessed by train.


Coming from an engineering discipline Ade has very high standards of coding and expects the same of anyone working for him. Everything is designed so it cannot fail but also with a system in place to handle what happens when it does fail.

The result is solid and reliable products and systems that are a joy to use too.

Clients and Awards


Ade has worked with many well known companies and brands including BT, McLaren, Team GB, Rolex and Starbucks. Hop over to the Work Page to see a fuller list.

He was a partner in EdTech startup Milk for five years and works closely with small business WRP with whom he has built an e-commerce business now taking £10,000 on a daily basis.

Ade’s work has been awarded a D&AD Wood Pencil and one each of a Gold and Silver One Show Interactive Pencil.


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