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New music – 'Vespers':

October 1, 20161 Comment


Not much access to the 'studio' (insofar as it is one) at the moment so this is just a sketch thrown together on the laptop. Mixed on headphones so it might not work so well on speakers.

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New tune – Visitor 2010

Here's a new track that I have produced. It started out in 2010 as a remix of Another Visitor (sticking with the Impossible Mission theme), but then it sat on a hard drive as an unfinished loop for four years. I finally grabbed a day recently to turn it into a more finished tune. I think this is better than the original; I'm much happier with the production but I definitely need some monitor speakers to get more control over the mixdown.

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“Kept chasing that night…”

Erol Alkan - "A Hold on Love" (Official Music Video)

The video for Erol Alkan's track 'A Hold on Love' is wonderful. Looks like it was all shot in and around Kendal in Cumbria.

via @iaintait

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I'm biassed because he's my brother, but this solo piano sketch by Al Scott is rather lovely:

April 25, 20083 Comments

Al Scott Trio

This is a video of my brother Al playing with his trio at Matt & Phreds in Manchester on Monday night. Sadly I couldn't be there.


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