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Tokyo virtual walk – 4K, binaural audio

I am absolutely loving this video by Nomadic Ambience. A walk through some streets and backstreets of Tokyo in the rain. The binaural sound works best through headphones.

It gets better in the last quarter as the rain subsides – the environmental sounds are less drowned out and you get a better sense of the 3D audio field.

© Nomadic Ambience

August 22, 2020No Comments

Sunlight through trees

New video. 33 minutes. Headphones recommended.

August 16, 2020No Comments

Minutes (Hours)

Back in 2007 I made a series of 60 second ‘still photos’ that I called Minutes. I recorded them on a little Canon Ixus so on today’s high-res displays they look terrible. YouTube existed in 2007 but I didn’t upload them there, partly because I wanted them presented more like photographs. Instead I put them on a dedicated website as Flash video (FLV) clips, but the site disappeared when I changed servers at some point. And Flash is dead of course. So they’ve gone*.

A number of people said they appreciated them at the time but I was arguably ahead of the curve: today YouTube has countless hours of ambience, ASMR or generally atmospheric videos many of which are just audio. I love all of the above. I often listen to light rain or similar, combined with some drone / ambient music while I’m working.

Also a big fan of Starship Engine Rumble, incidentally.

Anyway, preamble over. I have lots of audio gear and a camera, and I felt like making some similar stuff again. These are more about the sound than the video so one minute is not long enough. I’ve done a couple of tests (12 and 9 minutes respectively). An hour each would be a nice round number, so aiming for that eventually.

(* They’re in a backup zip file somewhere, I never delete anything)

December 18, 2013No Comments

“Kept chasing that night…”

Erol Alkan - "A Hold on Love" (Official Music Video)

The video for Erol Alkan's track 'A Hold on Love' is wonderful. Looks like it was all shot in and around Kendal in Cumbria.

via @iaintait

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Tower worker’s helmet cam

I'm not afraid of heights particularly, but this is quite unsettling.

Free climbing tower worker's helmet cam:

October 5, 2009No Comments

The Sailor Song

Well I'm 'fresh' from what was undoubtedly my busiest month ever, so the lack of posts on this blog of late is perhaps more excusable than before.

But I thought it worthy of five minutes of my time to share the above video which was created by a friend and ex-colleague Gavin Leisfield, who is apparently even more talented than I had previously realised, and evidently more than willing to burn the midnight oil (as I know how long these things can take).

I'd recommend you visit its YouTube page, click the HD button and watch the animation full screen.


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