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New music – 'Vespers':

October 1, 20161 Comment


Not much access to the 'studio' (insofar as it is one) at the moment so this is just a sketch thrown together on the laptop. Mixed on headphones so it might not work so well on speakers.

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Loops – 2016/07

New music under the firstperson name:

December 16, 2014No Comments

New tune – Visitor 2010

Here's a new track that I have produced. It started out in 2010 as a remix of Another Visitor (sticking with the Impossible Mission theme), but then it sat on a hard drive as an unfinished loop for four years. I finally grabbed a day recently to turn it into a more finished tune. I think this is better than the original; I'm much happier with the production but I definitely need some monitor speakers to get more control over the mixdown.


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