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Project Milk

Date 2014 - 2018

Type EdTech Startup

Role Technical Partner

Much more than an app

Milk was conceived by my business partner Michael, an experienced maths teacher frustrated with how the school he was in worked with paper homework planners that often got lost – or “lost” – causing much disruption and inefficiency in the classroom.

Michael approached me with a business plan and we went into partnership to develop Milk. It started out as a simple app for OS and Android providing homework and messaging but also, and uniquely, it synced data from the school Management Information System (MIS) so the app also displayed live attendance, behaviour points and grades and targets data.

The platform soon expanded with demand for new features including a web portal that gave schools the controls to manage students, message parents, manage groups, view analytics, view key data for parents evenings and much more.



As founding technical partner I designed and developed both the app and web UIs, as well as designing the API and managing the backend build. 

Milk regularly handles peak traffic of 200,000+ concurrent students, parents and school staff and is highly performant. Here is some of the technolgy used to make it all work:

  • Cordova + AngularJS, SASS
  • PHP 7 + Laravel 5 (API, data integration, processing)
  • AWS, Laravel Forge, Envoyer

Milk Today

Milk is serving an ever increasing number of schools across the UK. I remain a non-executive partner in the business. 

Visit Milk at

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