January 22, 2013No Comments

Richard Dawkins & Ricky Gervais on Religion

I'm not a huge fan of Gervais – and in places he's merely quoting Dawkins back to himself – but I'm with them both on the whole "G" issue.

January 16, 2013No Comments

Tower worker’s helmet cam

I'm not afraid of heights particularly, but this is quite unsettling.

Free climbing tower worker's helmet cam:

May 29, 2012No Comments

How big is a billion?

mi = 1, bi =2, tri =3, quad = 4....

Great video about the differences between the "long" (old British, and arguably more logical) number system and the "short" (US) system, which was adopted officially in Britain in 1974. RIP the milliard...

June 24, 2011No Comments

Chris Cunningham / Gil Scott Heron

A few of us at Pirata recently went to see Chris Cunningham’s live audio and video show at the Roundhouse. For the most part it was predictably challenging and entertainingly unsettling, and all in all a brilliant show.

However the highlight for me was the above video / remix of the late Gil Scott Heron’s New York Is Killing Me which was (like the rest of the show) projected across three screens and formed the intro to the show. Don't watch it here, pop over to YouTube and watch it full screen in HD.

June 24, 2011No Comments

Amon Tobin’s ISAM show

I friend of mine recently went to see this live. I gather it was pretty amazing.

May 27, 20102 Comments

Go for launch

Impressive time-lapse footage of Space Shuttle Discovery being prepared for launch (after pre-roll advert)

December 18, 20091 Comment

The Known Universe

This is a great animation / visualisation based on the Digital Universe Atlas, by the American Museum of Natural History. Full screen HD recommended.

October 5, 2009No Comments

The Sailor Song

Well I'm 'fresh' from what was undoubtedly my busiest month ever, so the lack of posts on this blog of late is perhaps more excusable than before.

But I thought it worthy of five minutes of my time to share the above video which was created by a friend and ex-colleague Gavin Leisfield, who is apparently even more talented than I had previously realised, and evidently more than willing to burn the midnight oil (as I know how long these things can take).

I'd recommend you visit its YouTube page, click the HD button and watch the animation full screen.


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