My Netvibes account was just upgraded to 'Ginger', which is the name they've given to their latest version. They've added the ability to share your tabs in a publicly available personal 'universe', which in my case basically means you can see what blogs I'm following.

It's an interesting idea because until now Netvibes has essentially been a glorified web-based RSS reader: accessed through a browser but still private to each user. But now I can share what I'm reading, what inspires me, and explore what other people are looking at. In other words, it now ticks a couple more of those Web2 buzzword boxes. I'm almost sick of hearing them. You know the ones.

I'm sure there are other features too but I only set it up half an hour ago. I have no idea why one of the blogs is highlighted in orange!

Visit my universe here or use the button below to add my blogs tab to your own Netvibes page.

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