I commute daily up and down the southernmost stretch of the East Coast Main Line between Peterborough and London King's Cross. It takes around 45 to 50 minutes which isn't too bad given the distance, though it does come at a price. On the plus side it's therapeutic to get out of the city and race across the countryside each evening.

I took the snapshot above somewhere near Stevenage with my iPhone. The camera on the iPhone 5 is not too bad, though I did tweak the exposure and contrast using the brilliant new Flickr app (and, to preempt any Exif snoopers, later adjusted the levels again using Pixelmator). I wish Apple would add the option for manual exposure control, as snow particularly prompts the camera to underexpose for obvious reasons. A simple slide-up-and-down gesture would do the trick. +/- 1 stop would be great.

It snows infrequently enough for it to still provoke a faint glimmer of that childlike wonder in me.