June 17, 20131 Comment

New sort-of-site


Having left my big important position of responsibility in London I still need to take stock of all the work that I'm proud of from the past few years and put it together as a new portfolio. However, I've been pretty much flat out since the day I left Pirata, and I'm currently juggling three projects among other things, so it's going to be a little while yet. It’s a truism that your own website can be the hardest thing to get round to when paid work is vying for your time.

I bought a new laptop the other day and it has one of those ultra-high-resolution displays. It's a lovely bit of kit but (as is well documented) old software and old websites now look terrible on it, the graphics being either pixellated or blurred as they're scaled up. The newest of my personal sites was created in 2007, and looked particularly outdated on the new laptop so I decided that – at the very least – aderowbotham.com needed a quick and dirty makeover.

The old site was just the front and back of my business card from 2007:

The new site doesn't contain a whole lot more, but here are some of its key features:

  • Pretentious introductory ‘mission statement’ (in lieu of having some actual work to show)
  • Works on mobile (obv.)
  • Big silly tooltips
  • Shows off a few of my best photographs in high resolution
  • Some technical stuff that means it’s quick

Anyway, not much to see really. This post is mostly for myself, Google and of course The NSA. My website is at https://aderowbotham.com.

Next-up: a new CV.

May 16, 20081 Comment

Rachael Smith Photography


I've just sort of finished putting together my partner Rachael’s new website. I say "sort of" because there are a few minor technical things to iron out, but it's pretty much there.

I put a lot of work into the "under the bonnet" side of things, and the result is that it's incredibly easy to chop and change images and whole sections without having to ever look at single a line of code again. Which is good because I've been looking at rather a lot of it recently. And there are more images to add in the near future.

But enough about the site, please go and have a look at all the lovely photographs.


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