Hong Kong, by Michael Wolf

Hong Kong, by Michael Wolf

The architectural photography of Michael Wolf is most impressive, particularly his photos of high-rise blocks in Hong Kong.

Someone has posted a good selection of his work here at imgur, though they're better presented on his on website.

You can find up-to-date Wolf exhibition listings, over 270 of his works, and exclusive articles here at Artsy.

Vantage point is key with this style of photography. You need to get to a decent height in order to shoot as square on as possible. When I went to Hong Kong I was similarly fascinated by those beautifully bleak apartment blocks. Unfortunately I didn't have the means or the planning to get above street level:

air con Apartments, HK De Luxe

...except for a few decent-ish attempts from Hong Kong park, Victoria Peak and various other vantage points:

towers Bank of China glass Accomodation

Frustratingly I bought a 200mm lens specifically to shoot architecture with but it rarely gets used.

Thanks to Francois for sharing the link: