If you: a) work on a Mac, b) make a lot of screengrabs (I'm talking to web designer types here) and c) have a tendancy to be a bit untidy, then you might, like me, often end up with a desktop full of images called Picture 1, Picture 2 and so on. And my desktop gets pretty cluttered so I don't get round to deleting them all often enough.

Well, I was just messing about with Automator, and I know this is nothing revolutionary or anything, but I made a simple batch process for cleaning them up. And, I only just figured out that you can save your batch processes out as applications. So I thought I'd share one.

This simply finds all images on your desktop whose names start with 'Picture' and moves them to the trash. Quite a handy little 5 second saver to put in your dock...

Download Screengrab Remover


i. I take no responsibility if it goes wrong and deletes your entire world. I don't think it will though.
ii. I think it only works on OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
iii. If it doesn't work, oh well it only took 30 seconds to make.