Following an hour of dramatic wailing and howling Henry (our two year old son) has finally fallen asleep. We’re on a plane flying back from Malmö in Sweden where we've been staying with one of Rachael’s friends for a few days.

The root cause of the emotional drama, which started in the queue at the departure gate, was that he missed his morning sleep. This tends to bring about the end of the world anyway, but then when we had to force him into his own seat for takeoff the hysterics were cranked up to 11. I've had pleasanter flights.

Flight home aside it's been a much needed short break. The couple we stayed with have an enviably well designed modern house (one of them is a product designer and architect) which was well stocked with good food and wine. They were incredibly hospitable and generous, and they have a child just a bit older than Henry, so he had a friend to play with.

We took the train over to Copenhagen yesterday, and took the kids to Tivoli, which is a long-established theme park / fairground right in the centre. Worth a visit.

Drinks were drank last night and the Germany v Brazil match provided the excuse for our host to open a large bottle of Jägermeister. The hangover isn't helping matters today.

Landing at Stansted in half an hour. Mercifully Henry is still asleep.

Back to work tomorrow.


Update: He woke up of course. Still not happy. Also the pilot had to abort the landing just before we touched the Tarmac, and go around again. Not had that happen before.