About once every month I'll browse around on Boomkat or Bleep and spend some money on music; often tracks I've tagged through Shazam. If I can't find something there, or direct from the label's website I'll fall back to Google Play and then eventually iTunes (though its catalogue is less likely to contain what I'm after).

I just spent £23-odd, for which I got 34 tracks totalling 5 hours and 3 minutes of playback. That's the result of weeks and weeks of artists’ time and effort for under a quid a track. And I get DRM-free 320kbps MP3s or FLAC files to keep.

Does anyone else still pay for music? Presumably it's not just me otherwise it wouldn't be for sale. But I'm in a dwindling minority.

Spotify has its value, but it (famously) pays most independent artists a pittance for plays. If you enjoy listening to music I urge you to keep paying for it! And go direct where you can to cut out middlemen. Long gone are the days of paying £17.99 for an album at HMV.

I'd guess that at least a third of the artists I listen to have day jobs to support their music careers. The least I can do is buy them a beer.