In the spirit of occasionally making an empty pledge to begin blogging again I'm writing this blog post (not just ‘blog’, please; a blog is that which contains a collection of blog entries or posts) to make a potentially empty pledge to begin blogging again.

I usually have one or two half-written posts saved as drafts. These are typically about things that (obviously) seemed important at the time – for example something political that’s riled me or something that seemed profoundly noteworthy – but which I’ve since been unable to complete due to my inability to succinctly communicate the nub of the sentiment or argument.

Sometimes only by writing something out in long form do I manage to clarify my own position on the matter, so writing the post serves that purpose and sometimes part of my conclusion is that it's not worth posting after all.

The other thing that keeps me from posting more often is the constant fear of coming across like a complete dick, getting on my high horse about something or other without having any claim to authority on the matter.

It seems the cooler people say less and keep their opinions to themselves. Should we all be more like that?

Personally I wish everyone were a little more open on the web. On Twitter most of my friends seem to have clammed up in the past few years. Now they'll only post the occasional work-related promotional tweet and rarely comment on their actual lives. I miss that. I've got nothing against self promotion but I'm not interested unless there's a healthy balance between that and some more wholesome, human content.

Maybe you're getting out of London for the day? You don't even have to say where you're going. Oh look you did something in advertising.

I'm not going to make the additional point that people probably aren't interested in my opinions, because this is my blog and anyone who chooses to read it has the option to simply not do so, in the same way that they can unfollow me on Twitter or whatever.

So fuck it, I'm going to try to post a little more often and I don't give a shit if someone finds it pretentious or boring, because life's too short to care too much about what other people think. And I actually really enjoy writing.

Rather than only compose and obsessively edit ‘grand’ and ponderous articles I'm going to post a few more every day life update entries. You're quite welcome to read them but these will be mainly for me. Life seems to fly past at an ever accelerating rate and it’s helpful to have some anchor points to look back on. Right now I genuinely have no idea what I was doing (other than work) three months ago. It’s quite terrifying.