Ade Rowbotham Ltd HQ

Seventeen months ago I left the now-merged-with-Work Club Pirata. Since then I've been working on a number of projects mostly from home except for the occasional trip to London for meetings, pitches and so on. That's been fine to an extent as we have a decent office in our house but, as those who work from home will know, there are a number of pitfalls linked to the lack of formality normally associated with going to work and leaving work.

A recent spate of extremely late nights ("I must finish this thing") convinced me that something had to change. Other factors included: Frequent visits from my two-year-old son and the cats (welcome but distracting), ease of access to the fridge, and lack of exercise (sometimes not leaving the house at all in a 24 hour period when particularly busy).

Given that we've moved out of London we're lucky enough to have a reasonably large garden, so I had considered getting one of those garden-based studios or "posh sheds", but the investment at the moment is hard to justify. And walking to the garden is hardly a commute, psychologically speaking.

Then thanks to Twitter I discovered an office vacancy in the centre of Stamford, so I've taken the plunge and I moved in on Monday. With the obligatory Ikea trip and assembly mission out of the way, it's now time to get on with some work.