Having just discovered that the WordPress iPhone app allows you to create local drafts, I thought I'd kill a small chunk of this four-hour flight writing a post. (Not wanting to break the rules, I'll of course only publish it when we land and I can safely switch off flight mode.)

I'm going on holiday, somewhere warm, away from work.

Assuming that the image worked, the observant among you may just be able to make out (in the typically underexposed iPhone camera shot) the signature orange hue of those aerodynamic things under the wings I can't recall the name of (and currently can't Google).

Yes, we're flying with everyone's favourite camelCase airline easyJet.

Stelios & Co. charged us an extra £18 to check in a suitcase, which caused me to raise an eyebrow or two. Apparently it's only £8 to do it online but I distinctly remember not being offered the chance to do so when I booked with Expedia. And after booking I tried on the easyJet website to no avail.

According to a member of staff at the airport you need the booking ref no. to do this on the website, but the first we saw of this reference number was on the boarding passes themselves - which you get AFTER you check in. Hey maybe I just ballsed it up somewhere, but it's still quite a lot extra.

Anyway, none of that is very interesting.

So that'll probably do I suppose. Be good while I'm away. And don't try to burgle my house because my brother is looking after it, and he's got a black belt in Jazz.