If you're not aroused by such geekiness I suggest you look away now.

I just heard, via Clive's Blog that Today is CSS Naked Day. The idea, I gather, is to disable your website's stylesheets for the day, stripping it of its design, in the name of promoting web standards.

Well, if you're reading this in a standard web browser you'll probably notice that I haven't actually done this. No, not on this blog. But, as it happens, I'm such a geek that I already built in the functionality to disable the CSS on my design site by appending ?css=none onto its URL. I can't remember why - probably just "because I could".

So, if you're that way inclined, pop over to http://design.aderowbotham.com/?css=none and check it out in all its unstylish glory, any day of the year.

No, not very exciting was it? Actually, I'm not sure such a lazy contribution to their cause really counts.