Personal work

Just the bare bones of a page right now, but we shall work on that!


When I am not making digital stuff for clients, which is kinda rare, I like to work on personal projects. For example over Xmas 2019 (yeah before everyting changed) I made this little Noughts and Crosses Machine Learning experiment (more info here).

And during lockdown I have been working on Times Table Expert a learning app for my son, but one which will eventually make its way to the App Store and Google Play.

And plenty of other things at various early stages. I will update this page with what I am working on, and also do follow my blog too (WordPress app / readers can subscribe there).



The iPhone killed photography. Discuss! Find my latest Instagram pics on this page. Follow me on IG here.

Or for proper – but less frequent – SLR shots you can still find me on Flickr at I killed my Flickr account after probably 16 years. I plan to put a better curated set somewhere when I get the time. So long and thanks for everything Flickr.


I played the piano and cello up till my mid to late teens, then discovered Cubase and a Roland keyboard in the school music department. I haven’t completely stopped making electronic music since, although there are big gaps.

I record stuff under the names firstperson and Gridrunner. You can find them both on Spotify or:

I am going to add a page here on which to catalogue my favourite tracks made over the years. Digital work tends to disappear off the face of the earth so I have decided a self-hosted page will at least give it a place to exist beyond than the depths of an ageing hard drive.

I suppose longevity is one of the advantages of vinyl records.


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